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Goldman Sachs, SkyBridge among Mitt Romney’s hedge fund bundlers

August 14, 2012   Lawrence Delevingne
The fundraisers behind Obama’s rival.

  Scaramucci with Romney at the SALT Conference
The big name hedge fund managers behind the Mitt Romney campaign are no secret. Paul Singer has been called his “hedge fund kingmaker.” Ken Griffin and Dan Loeb have publically fallen out of love with Barack Obama and now support the Romney ticket. John Paulson, Robert Mercer and Julian Robertson have each given $1 million to pro-Romney group Restore Our Future. And Cliff Asness has been an unabashed Obama critic and supporter of Romney and his vice-presidential pick, Paul Ryan (remember the controversial $700 worth of wine they shared?).
But who are the rank and file of Romney’s hedge fund fundraisers? Most super political action committee contributions are secret and individual donations to candidates are capped at $2,500 per election. That leaves the real political support to those who fundraise by convincing others to donate, or “bundlers.”
Bundlers help organize events and nab contributions. They woo donors with, say, a private breakfast at Cipriani or an evening reception at the Essex House. The cost to attend is sometimes as little as $100 or as much as (or more than) $25,000 a pop. Unlike Obama, Romney doesn’t release the names of his bundlers or how much they’ve gathered. But USA TODAY put together a good rough list, and hedge funds figure prominently.

That's no suprise given the industry's recent politcal shift. In 2008, 67% if hedge fund money went to Democrats; this time Republicans have so far received 70% of industry cash, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
Below are 31 names that AR indentified as in the hedge fund industry, including funds of funds and placement agents.
Alex Sloane
A.J. Sloane Capital
Alex Robertson
Tiger Management
Anthony Scaramucci
SkyBridge Capital
Cliff Asness
Dan Loeb
Third Point
David Knott
Knott Partners Management
Edward Forst
Goldman Sachs Investment Management (retired)
Gene Atkinson
Atkinson Capital
Henry Druker
Druker Capital
Jeffrey Altman
Owl Creek Asset Management
Jennifer Elise Donovan
Davidson Kempner Capital Management
Jim Parsons
Viking Global Investors (recently departed)
John Griffin
Blue Ridge Capital
John Paulson
Paulson & Co.
Julian Robertson
Tiger Management
Karl G. Wellner
Papamarkou Wellner Asset Management
Laurence Zuriff
Granite Capital International Group
Mark Graham
BLUE Alternative Asset Management
Paul Singer
Elliott Management
Raanan Agus
Goldman Sachs Investment Partners
Remy Trafelet
Trafelet & Company
Richard Hurowitz
Octavian Advisors
Richard Leibovitch
Gottex Fund Management
Richard Shinder
Perella Weinberg Partners
Robert Matza
GoldenTree Asset Management
Roy Katzovicz
Pershing Square Capital Management
Sander Gerber
Hudson Bay Capital Management
Scott Kapnick
Highbridge Capital Management
Stephen Ketchum
Sound Point Capital Management
Stephen M. Lessing
Aqueduct Capital Group
William Kourakos
Perella Weinberg Partners
Source: USA TODAY, AR research.
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Lunch is for wimps
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